Uncle Devin - A Go-Go Fun Day Mp3 Download

Uncle Devin - A Go-Go Fun Day Mp3 Download

Uncle Devin - A Go-Go Fun Day Song Info:

  • Album Name: All One Tribe
  • Artist: Uncle Devin
  • Label: Aya World Productions/Whitestone Productions
  • duration: 12:03 a.m.

Uncle Devin - A Go-Go Fun Day Mp3 Download


Uncle Devin - A Go-Go Fun Day Music Video

Uncle Devin - A Go-Go Fun Day 's youtube Description:

A DC Fun Day uses the official music of DC, “Go-Go Music,” to document the resistance movement by Black residents in the Nation’s Capitol against racism. It shows our ability to turn an adverse circumstance into a positive outcome that has lasted for over 100 years in a city where DC residents are taxed without representation. It’s about community control of everything we do.

Bio: Uncle Devin (Washington, DC) is an award-winning artist who specializes in Family Funk. Known as "The Children's Drumcussionist," he is a national leader in the family music industry and an award-winning drummer and percussionist. He is co-owner of The Uncle Devin Show®, an interactive musical experience for children that uses percussion instruments to cultivate their minds - a dynamic cross between DC's Trouble Funk and Schoolhouse Rock. Devin is also co-owner of WEE Nation Radio, a 24/7 online music radio station that provides the best in family-friendly global beats for little feet, and a Radio Programmer for WPFW 89.3 FM (Washington, DC). He/Him/His

Credits: Drums/Congas/Rototoms/Timbales/Cowbells/Vocals: Devin Walker, Background Singer: Alexa Givens, Bass - @Joellebron88, Trombones: Marcelo Diaz, Organ: Richard Thompson, Piano: Deanne Hawkins, Guitar: Ivan Garcia, Co-Producers: Devin Walker & 123Andres (Christina Sanabria/Andres Salguero). Fabian Rius Ramirez – Mixing EngineerRecorded at Uncle Devin Studios (Washing, DC)


© 2021 Aya World Productions, ? 2021 Aya World Productions

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