$uicideboy$ - Ugliest Mp3 Download

$uicideboy$ - Ugliest Mp3 Download

$uicideboy$ - Ugliest Song Info:

  • Album Name: Long Term Effects of SUFFERING
  • Artist: $uicideboy$
  • Label: G59 Records
  • duration: 12:02 a.m.

$uicideboy$ - Ugliest Mp3 Download


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[VERSE I: Lil Cut Throat]
death addict
my mathematics you can't add up
so tragic
my baggage comes with no back up
breaking patterns like splitting atoms
it ain't happening
cycles spin
psychosis wins
the world spins on my motherfucking dick like a whirlwind
devilish sins
devilish grins
got motherfuckers like "here we go again"
this motherfucker scrim can never stop for nada
too toxic
send his ass off to the doctor
between the xanny and suboxone
lost cause lost hope
he a throw away
way too deep in this hole where he lay
lay me down to sleep
northside shorty ride curb on creep
northside shorty don't pray where he eat
but ey soon we'll see a soulja by the lake buried 6 feet deep
less stress on me
more profit for thee
middle finger poking out for everyone to come and see

[VERSE II: Oddy Nuff da Snow Leopard]
lately i been feeling brainwashed like my soul was rubbing against the grain
lost in the same sauce
i would complain but i'm wearing diamond chains
cost more than i care to explain
lately i been feeling out of character
bitch left because i embarrassed her
but everyday i be like 1000 fucking miles away
blowing dope
reminding myself i'm the boss of the GREY
boarding the plane
what the fuck is a holiday?
dreaming through the day
what were you saying?
my mistake
fleeting attention
screenshots and mentions
wish i still had an away message
forever stressing
live a life in a day
this a day in the life
i'm still the fucking same
covered in spots not stripes
from broke to fucking paid this the GREY*59
suicide for life
rep it til i fucking die

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(C) 2021 G59 Records, (P) 2021 G59 Records

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