Sleater-Kinney - High In The Grass Mp3 Download

Sleater-Kinney - High In The Grass Mp3 Download

Sleater-Kinney - High In The Grass Song Info:

  • Album Name: Path of Wellness
  • Artist: Sleater-Kinney
  • Label: Mom+Pop
  • duration: 12:04 a.m.

Sleater-Kinney - High In The Grass Mp3 Download


Sleater-Kinney - High In The Grass Music Video

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Sleater-Kinney - High In The Grass (Official Video)

'Sleater-Kinney's New Album 'Path Of Wellness' Out Now!
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Director: Kelly Sears
DP: Laura Conway
Producer: Laura Conway
Movement Director: Madison Palffy
Production Coordinator & Covid Safety Officer: Mariah Diaz
Brittney Banaei
Laura Conway
Michelle Ellsworth
Keith Haynes Jr.
Constance Harris
Rick Manayan
Uli Miller
Jesús Muñoz
Madison Palffy
Animation & VFX: Kelly Sears
Editor: Kelly Sears

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High in the grass, whining, buzzing
The bees reappear like a second coming
Can’t hear you now, too much to do
Feast on the day as it runs from you

The spring night came alive and we lost our minds
And danced to no music like fools
We cannot hear the chimes when it rings midnight
We can’t imagine what we will lose

It’s what we want to do
Drunk on the moon
Makes no sense to you

Petals adrift like an undressed lover
Run for your life, when you fear it’s over
Beauty is gone before we’re through
Split into seeds make something new

We lock when the pollen’s up
We love when the party’s on
There is only this day for us to move

We live just a moment long
We leave before the gig is done
There is only this town for us to use


2021 Mom+Pop, 2021 Mom+Pop

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