Sleater-Kinney - Down The Line Mp3 Download

Sleater-Kinney - Down The Line Mp3 Download

Sleater-Kinney - Down The Line Song Info:

  • Album Name: Path of Wellness
  • Artist: Sleater-Kinney
  • Label: Mom+Pop
  • duration: 12:04 a.m.

Sleater-Kinney - Down The Line Mp3 Download


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Sleater-Kinney - Down The Line (Official Audio)

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I’m singin’ along
To everyone who’s gone,
Barely gone, soon to be gone

Words we love live on
Ghosts of old and young
Faded or flash undone

I know it’s alright, I know it’s alright

All the songs unsung
The pages unwritten
Moons that never meet the sun

I can’t weep alone
Let’s ache and howl and moan
Loss is buried in our bones

It’s not the summer we were promised
It’s the summer that we deserve
It’s not the body that we wanted
It’s the body made to weather this world
Spent the season sad and haunted
Seeking wisdom in stars too dim to shine
If it’s coming for us, darlin’
Take my hand and dance me down the line.

No getting it wrong this time.


2021 Mom+Pop, 2021 Mom+Pop

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