Natalie Bergman - I Will Praise You Mp3 Download

Natalie Bergman - I Will Praise You Mp3 Download

Natalie Bergman - I Will Praise You Song Info:

  • Album Name: Mercy
  • Artist: Natalie Bergman
  • Label: Third Man Records LLC
  • duration: 12:02 a.m.

Natalie Bergman - I Will Praise You Mp3 Download


Natalie Bergman - I Will Praise You Music Video

Natalie Bergman - I Will Praise You 's youtube Description:

Third Man Records is honored to announce the signing of Natalie Bergman, whose debut, self-produced solo album is due out in 2021, and promises a spiritual healing perfectly-timed and much-needed in the wake of this devastating year. While many know Bergman as one half of brother-sister duo Wild Belle, her forthcoming record is a cathartic collection rooted in the hopeful values and traditions of gospel that have helped her through the recent, tragic loss of her father.

Official news about the album will be announced soon, but today Bergman shares the first preview with an occultish rendition of the unreleased “I Will Praise You,” performed live from a garden where she and her band sing through a series of restorative rituals.

“‘I Will Praise You’ is a song I wrote about perseverance during an unkind time,” says Bergman. “The message is inspired by traditional gospel music, the true source of rock & roll. I wrote and recorded this album on my own.”

Stay tuned.

Directed By: Rory Pipia
Filmed By: Sam Kfare
Music By: Natalie Bergman
Produced By: Jamie Gray
Musicians: Erik Hall, Anyiah Mayfield, Mckenzie Mattere, Gretchen Steele, Elisa Latrice, Shane Grace Allen, Cedric Lemoyne
Assistant director: Lola Dement Myers
Choir Director: Josephine Lee
Live musical performance engineered and mixed by: Erik Hall
Mastering Engineer: Warren Defever
Health & Safety: Elliot Bergman


(c) Third Man Records, 2020.


(C) 2021 Third Man Records, (P) 2021 Third Man Records

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