Mustafa - Stay Alive Mp3 Download

Mustafa - Stay Alive Mp3 Download

Mustafa - Stay Alive Song Info:

  • Album Name: When Smoke Rises
  • Artist: Mustafa
  • Label: Regent Park Songs
  • duration: 12:03 a.m.

Mustafa - Stay Alive Mp3 Download


Mustafa - Stay Alive Music Video

Mustafa - Stay Alive 's youtube Description:

Taken from the forthcoming debut project, When Smoke Rises. Available to pre-order now:


“You know the angel of death knows our streets very well
streets reek of fallen fires
we know this heat very well
safe to say that these streets are like hell
& when the young boys reach and raise hell
the bullets, the shells will speak for themselves
sorrows that can’t be spelled
vowels carved into the eyes of the mothers who knelt
by concrete, then by soil
then by God & themselves,


Video by King Bee Productions


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