Mustafa - Air Forces Mp3 Download

Mustafa - Air Forces Mp3 Download

Mustafa - Air Forces Song Info:

  • Album Name: When Smoke Rises
  • Artist: Mustafa
  • Label: Regent Park Songs
  • duration: 12:03 a.m.

Mustafa - Air Forces Mp3 Download


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Taken from the forthcoming debut project, When Smoke Rises. Available to pre-order now:


Returning Minor

Baba still reaches me in my sleep 
I still hear his stories of war like shrapnel to armed fantasy 
my dreams never survive 
each nylon string like barbed wire
each melody a cry he never learned to escape
“why are you trying to make me return?” he asks 
“where are you taking my blood?”
I retrace our lineage of shared bullets 
from the one that claimed my friend 
to the one that claimed his 
I question it’s intention but lead won’t speak
I archive my memory
“For Allahs sake, why do you feel the need to return?” Baba pleads 
but I can’t return where I was never seen 
where cousins await trial beneath ground 
where mother still wakes with a sharp pain of longing for those she knows are destined to leave
I still remember nights with her face pressed close to mine,
my loose breath on her cheek a reminder I’m alive
I still pretend to sleep
I still perform with her memory 
on a stage in a dream 
or a stage that feels like a dream 
there I have no face
I have no ending 
but, for a moment, I have a place 
and every witness 
that pities, that applauds, that breaks 
their love, however wide, will never make a way 
there’s no where to put it down when they disappear 
there’s no home to escape to when I’m all bones & fear 
I don’t remember returning 
Why would I ever come back? 
I never wanted ink this black 
or a voice this sad 
some days I wished to whisper 
But whenever I found Baba
at any age 
on the floor, on the dinner table, 
in every voice he raised 
he took me there 
dreams ablaze 
he took me there 
the doctors gaze 
he took me there 
Mamas sharp pain 
he took her there 
every weekend spent 
in each room we met 
I cannot return where Baba never left 

every chord an obituary 
each harmony a congregation for the dead
with every strum, they gather, waiting to be led

if only I could just sing like them 
about palm trees & those who chose to leave 
those who can choose to return again


Director: Glenn Michael & Christo
Cinematographer: Ali Khurshid
Producer: Vincent Tran
Editor: Red Barbaza
VFX: Studio Feather
Colorist: Mathieu Caplanne
Photography: Gennelle Cruz
Production Company: Kid. Studio

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