Mndsgn - Slowdance Mp3 Download

Mndsgn - Slowdance Mp3 Download

Mndsgn - Slowdance Song Info:

  • Album Name: Rare Pleasure
  • Artist: Mndsgn
  • Label: Stones Throw Records
  • duration: 12:05 a.m.

Mndsgn - Slowdance Mp3 Download


Mndsgn - Slowdance Music Video

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If you slow dance
you can really take time to get to know the rhythm.
If you slow dance
I could really take time to get to know you better.
If we slow dance
we could really take time to get to know each other.
If you slow dance
we could really get down and bust the right moves.

We should slow dance.
Always speedin’ through time.
We lose sense of the hours.
All this romance
is as delicate as the pot that holds the flowers.
Love is a
seed planted in the ground that keeps on growin’.
And the time we spend
sets the fire in hearts for love to keep on glowin’.

Video Concept by: Mndsgn

Shauna Davis
Jobel Medina

Creator & Editor: Ringgo
Director: Eric Coleman
Producer: Shane Sakanoi
Director of Choreography: Jay Carlon

Director of Photography : Cesar Alvarez
Jib Arm Operator : Babek Mansouri

1st AC: Lorenzo Porras
Art & Props Assistant: Fatima Nieto
Production Assistant: Johnny Luna
Dancer Stylist: Melissa Lim
Mndsgn Wardrobe: Prospective Flow
Additional Color Assistant: Flatspot

Programmed Drums, Vox, Mellotron, Juno Di, Dx5: Mndsgn
Piano, Mellotron, Vibraphone: Kiefer Shackelford
Bass, Guitar: Swarvy
Guitar: Keith Askey
Drums: Efajemue Etoroma
Percussion: Carlos Niño
Saxophone: John Keek
Additional Vocals: Devin Morrison

Song written and produced by: Mndsgn
Mixed by: Swarvy
Mastered by: Jake Viator at Stones Throw Studios


2021 Stones Throw Records, 2021 Stones Throw Records

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