Migos - Mahomes Mp3 Download

Migos - Mahomes Mp3 Download

Migos - Mahomes Song Info:

  • Album Name: Culture III
  • Artist: Migos
  • Label: Quality Control Music/Motown Records
  • duration: 12:05 a.m.

Migos - Mahomes Mp3 Download


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Migos "Mahomes" Lyrics:

(Producer tag: Bgudini Spell That Shit)

[Chorus: Quavo]
S, U, C, C, E, S, S, havin’ success
B, L, E, S, S, yes, niggas is blessed
Ten toes down, that’s a bag in Atlanta (ten toes)
It ain’t no pressure, but you still keep a hammer (no, no)
Bitches on bitches like to fuck they friends
They done lowered their standards and everybody cool with it
Young niggas sending them shots, just bought a new chopper, he’ll show you he a fool with it
Which one ya on? Body for body, we havin’ bags full of bones (bones)
Came back rich, would thought it was a clone
All these Za’ bags, would’ve thought it home grown
Huncho the chief, had to send it to Mahomes
Franchise tag, everybody want a loan (Mahomes)

[Verse: Quavo]
We kicked the door down, and we made some money, and we left it open for y’all to come in
Gave em’ the blueprint to shake the whole world and even done showed em the robotic Benz
Mama she told me to watch for the enemies, even the one you call your friends
Charge it to the game, or call it a penalty, fuck it i’ll switch it up and come back again (whoo)
Every time I’m up, man I know I’m up ten (ten)
Nigga can get close, I’ll stretch it out again (stretch)
Came from the trap, never trapped in a pin (no)
But I send big care packs to the pen (pen)
Gang for the win, gang for the win (win)
Take and Offset, they’ll stain sum’n, twin
Creepin’ at night, we were walkin’ with a vest (vest)
Jason with a knife, we were walkin’ with grin (grin)
Who was Montana? Tony Montana wouldn’t live one night if he stayed in Atlanta
You tryna’ go viral, leave ya name on a banner, nigga want smoke, but it’s all in the camera

[Chorus: Quavo]

[Verse: Offset]
Gang, we defeaters (gang)
In ya vein like a needle (vein)
Fast like a cheetah
I’ma hit the gas when I leave em’(skrrt)
Buckle down with the band
Like we playin’ on a see-saw (whoo)
Can’t forget my man
I put them bands on a Kia (racks)
We was beatin’ niggas with our bare hands, show what we bout’ (yessir)
Niggas sellin’ grubs, I had to hustle out of FILA (hustle)
Knew I wanted money, I was 5, I was knee-high (5)
I’ma have to keep fire, I ain’t going out like B I (fire)
Major lil’ nigga, lil’ basic lil’ nigga (basic)
We was in the basement hidin’ paper, they ain’t listen (hey)
My wrist throwin’ kisses, we done fucked all your bitches (come on)
Necklace lookin’ like I just got out a blizzard (ice)
Bad bitch bought a lil’ Chanel, cost a nickel (baddie)
Told the bitch to ride this shit, bicycle (ride)
Supersized Lambo, wide body whip it (wide)
I put a lit switch up on the glock, I’m tryna zip em’ (frrr)
We put on the move, and put the thottie on to kill em’ (thottie)
Went and bought the building, it’s some million dollar dealings (yeah)
Can’t worry bout’ a pussy nigga, drop my ceiling (no)
Hibernate the millions, Nawf side legends (Nawf)

[Chorus: Quavo]

[Verse: Takeoff]
Franchise player, had to send it to my homes’
Never send it through your phone, had to get it on my own (get it)
I know right from wrong, but I’m playing all along
Never show em’ your emotions and tell em’ what you be on
It’ll fuck your mind up when you’re bag get blown (bag)
Depend on who the person, gotta’ be mentally strong (strong)
You just gotta’ run it up and never ever fold (no)
Pickin’ up a load, never asking for a loan (never)
B, L, E, S, S, niggas is blessed (blessed)
Talking to a check, while I’m sittin’ on a jet (jet)
Niggas flex for the net, it’s some niggas I ain’t met (never)
I can up a milli’, if I ever get depressed (milli’)
I bought the semi and you know it can suppress (brrrr)
And every time I see the bag, I see another one
Shoutout to Khaled, cause they know that we the best
I know some niggas that be hatin’ on success (hatin’)
I know my niggas that be praying for the best (prayin’)
Niggas throwin’ salt cause they got less (throw it)
Ain’t get no straightenin’ when a nigga got pressed (pressed)

[Chorus: Quavo]

[Outro: Quavo]
If you really want it, you ain’t get it on your own
You ain’t got time to be callin’ nigga phone
Still gotta’ get it in the field, you ain’t did nun wrong
Say you really want it, you’ll get it on your own
Still, yeah, if you ain’t really got it I’ll give it to my homes

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© 2021 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc., Quality Control Music/Motown Records; ? 2021 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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