Marzz - Cleopatra Mp3 Download

Marzz - Cleopatra Mp3 Download

Marzz - Cleopatra Song Info:

  • Album Name: Love Letterz
  • Artist: Marzz
  • Label: Keep Cool/RCA Records
  • duration: 12:03 a.m.

Marzz - Cleopatra Mp3 Download


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My bodys on fire
I need you to cool me down
Tension getting higher
You cannot control me now
You got your demons that don’t wanna leave me alone
Fighting to breathe in I feel the pain when your gone
I gotta move on I see you can’t say your wrong
I guess I gotta go do me
Don’t you know that I feel the way that I do because you, and I know that you feel the same
Way that I do, cause the love that we have is because me and you,
Don’t know what I would without you
I am temptation with no patience,
I feel the love and I can’t shake it,
No you can feel this is real love and
I hold you high when you feeling real low
Hydrate my mind when it’s a little dry AIN'T into wasting time,
Read in between the line, I haven’t seen you shine in a long time, why?
Guess that mean I gotta give you space then bye I see your true colors
Please don’t make me feel your emptiness you know that ain’t me
I got way to much on my mind, yea
We ain’t going back cause that shit ain’t healthy,
I feel the way that I do because you and I know that you feel the same way that I do cause the
Love that we had is because me and you don’t know what I would do without you

Mhm mh my mh can I get a piece of your loving now baby
Can’t you say that I make you proud to be called your lady
There are some nights that do go by and
I simply cry to go to sleep I know you see the fear in my eyes, just,
Just hold me tight and be my peace
Can you just swallow your pride
Can we just vibe all night Moving in slow motion
Yes, I am so broken I just need you to find a way out
Said you on a mission I’m the piece that missing
Can’t you comprehend on what I’m saying
I can be your star player, uh, oh
Give each and every flavor

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(P) 2021 Keep Cool/RCA Records

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