KU?KA - Contemplation Mp3 Download

KU?KA - Contemplation Mp3 Download

KU?KA - Contemplation Song Info:

  • Album Name: Wrestling
  • Artist: KU?KA
  • Label: LuckyMe
  • duration: 12:03 a.m.

KU?KA - Contemplation Mp3 Download


KU?KA - Contemplation Music Video

KU?KA - Contemplation 's youtube Description:

"Contemplation is about the importance of giving yourself time away from the chaos. Sometimes we need a reminder that stillness is necessary in order to maintain balance both physically and mentally. It’s important to set aside time to practise this, in order to give space for self-reflection and intuitive thoughts to arise."

Wrestling, my debut album is out April 30 • buy ???????? listen ~ https://kucka.ffm.to/wrestling

Director - Dillon Howl
Cinematographer - Megan Cullen
Handycam footage - Dillon Howl
Editor - Laura Jane Lowther
Color Grading - Natural Fantasy

Dedicated to Anita Marie, the OG private investigator. 10.3.66 - 12.7.17


2021 LuckyMe, 2021 LuckyMe

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