kryptogram - Pop It! Mp3 Download

kryptogram - Pop It! Mp3 Download

kryptogram - Pop It! Song Info:

  • Album Name: krypt. vol2
  • Artist: kryptogram
  • Label: kryptogram
  • duration: 12:02 a.m.

kryptogram - Pop It! Mp3 Download


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kryptogram - Pop It
krypt. vol2 out now:

“krypt. vol2 is the second instalment of my ‘krypt’ EP series. It’s a mixtape-like EP, named after a ‘crypt’ (underground vault holding the remains of a person); in this case it’s my musical vault with several new + old tracks I’ve had in my unreleased catalogue. It touches various genres like the previous one, from garage stuff to a bit faster house, to slowed down nu-disco. I rarely get inspired by current music, most of the time I’m listening to records at least 15-20 years old but wondering how they would sound if they were made today.

The EP also features two songs (Never Enough, L.U.V.) with my own lead vocals, which a first for my releases thus far. I really enjoy making longer music projects which is why I’ve always gravitated towards LPs and albums, as a producer and a listener. It allows you to dive in a bit deeper in the mind of the creator and see where their emotions lie across a longer body of work. A single often doesn’t have enough power to allow you to see behind the curtain.”

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krypt. vol2 Tracklist

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