kryptogram - 3000 Mp3 Download

kryptogram - 3000 Mp3 Download

kryptogram - 3000 Song Info:

  • Album Name: krypt. vol2
  • Artist: kryptogram
  • Label: kryptogram
  • duration: 12:04 a.m.

kryptogram - 3000 Mp3 Download


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kryptogram - 3000 (Visualizer)
krypt. vol2 out now:

“krypt. vol2 is the second installment of my ‘krypt’ EP series. It’s a mixtape-like EP, named after a ‘crypt’ (underground vault holding the remains of a person); in this case it’s my musical vault with several new + old tracks I’ve had in my unreleased catalogue. It touches various genres like the previous one, from garage stuff to a bit faster house, to slowed down nu-disco. I rarely get inspired by current music, most of the time I’m listening to records at least 15-20 years old but wondering how they would sound if they were made today.

The EP also features two songs (Never Enough, L.U.V.) with my own lead vocals, which a first for my releases thus far. I really enjoy making longer music projects which is why I’ve always gravitated towards LPs and albums, as a producer and a listener. It allows you to dive in a bit deeper in the mind of the creator and see where their emotions lie across a longer body of work. A single often doesn’t have enough power to allow you to see behind the curtain.”

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kryptogram is a Chicago based producer & DJ.
Emigrating to the US from war-torn Serbia in the early 2000s, kryptogram (born Igor Loncar) grew up in a musically fruitful household. Obsessed with recreating sounds he heard on Daft Punk’s ‘Discovery’, he dove into electronic production at 15, discovering his love for house music. Drawing influences from Chicago house, 90s UK garage, and early-2000s disco-house, he has developed his artistic sound as an intricate combination of inescapable house grooves, crisp production, and soothing melodies.


2021 kryptogram under exclusive license to Create Music Group Inc., 2021 kryptogram under exclusive license to Create Music Group Inc.

krypt. vol2 Tracklist

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