Jungle - Keep Moving Mp3 Download

Jungle - Keep Moving Mp3 Download

Jungle - Keep Moving Song Info:

  • Album Name: Loving In Stereo
  • Artist: Jungle
  • Label: Caiola Records
  • duration: 12:05 a.m.

Jungle - Keep Moving Mp3 Download


Jungle - Keep Moving Music Video

Jungle - Keep Moving 's youtube Description:

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Directed by J Lloyd & Charlie Di Placido
Choreographed by Nathaniel Williams & Cece Nama

Mette Linturi
Nathaniel Williams
Thanh Jason Nguyen
Zhané Samuels
Shawarah Battles
Miranda Chambers
Naomi Weijand
Joy Duckrell
Che Jones
Ken Nguyen
Jordan JFunk
Gabriel Goux
Tendai Chitate

Assistant Choreographer: Jordan Melchor
Assistant Choreographer: Yohémy Prosper

Director of Photography - Jon Kassell
Trinity Operator - Andy Walker
1st AD - Sam Roffey
Producer - Jordi Estapé
Line Producer - Jamie Tarr
Unit Production Manager - Matt Craig
1st AC - Tomas Frigstad
2nd AC - Natalie Alderson
BTS Photography - Tamiym Cader & George Day
BTS Videographer Lydia Kitto

Jungle Management - Sam Denniston

Colourist - Ruth Wardell
Colour Producer - Holly Tidwell

Production Runner - Katie Cooper
Production Runner (Dailies) - Anass El Aouad Ouahbi
2nd AD - Oliver Hill
Floor Runner - Ashley Whyte

Gaffer - Edward Smith
Spark - Robbie Smith
Spark - Peter Joslin
Spark - Stuart Cager

Stylist - Innes Woo
Styling Assistant - Hyokyung Park
Styling Assistant - Seokyung Yoo

Production Designer - Jakob Gierse
Art Buyer - Clem Eve
Art Standby - Joseph Baaklini
Set Decorator - Bec Rodger
Art Standby - Alistair Osbourne
Set Decorator - Ellie Rose-Davies

MUA - Chloe Rose
MUA - Daniela Alves
MUA - Assistant - Emma Gandolfo
MUA Assistant - Madeleine Feeney

Hair Stylist - Sheree Jourdan
Hair Assistant Natalie Angel

COVID Tester - Megan Markley

DIT - Keeva Holder
Camera Equipment - S+O Media
Medic - Richard Manning - Mannings Medics

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2021 Caiola Records under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings Ltd, 2021 Caiola Records under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings Ltd

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