Groovy Nate - Respect Everybody Mp3 Download

Groovy Nate - Respect Everybody Mp3 Download

Groovy Nate - Respect Everybody Song Info:

  • Album Name: All One Tribe
  • Artist: Groovy Nate
  • Label: Aya World Productions/Whitestone Productions
  • duration: 12:04 a.m.

Groovy Nate - Respect Everybody Mp3 Download


Groovy Nate - Respect Everybody Music Video

Groovy Nate - Respect Everybody 's youtube Description:

LBC Crew - Beware Of My Crew (Official Video) from the 1995 Soundtrack to 'A Thin Line Between Love & Hate'.

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(Voice box)
Somebody, somewhere, best beware of my crew(2x)

(Tray Deee adlib)
Comin from the city where no pity is show
And everybody want to be a G when they grown
Same song in my hood
As it is in yourz
They send real n***** to the pen and score
Wars caused by yall
A b**** is a punk
Speakin on the ones that's the quickest to dump
Same fools ridin that'z been down for yearz
Cuz that's the s*** when they around they peers
Three cheers to the turf for whatever its worth
Cuz imma represent till I'm set in the dirt
My mentality, battle the opponent to dip
And checkin every n**** that ever wanted to step
In my direction
Wit a question fo testin
This action I represent fo inspection
When some jump then I'm dumpin
Pumpin fear in ya ear
When ya hear that I'm b**pin
(Voice box & Nate Dogg)
Somebody, somewhere, best beware of my crew
It's groovy how I sooth thee
Light complexion
Who's next to flex
These MC's, please
I'm feed up. Head up
And that's just the way I display
Any time a day a duel
Dynamically wit the lyrical tool
Fuel on the fire warms the desire
To get this rap game stretched down to the wire, sire
My pimp-hog status will blast ya seat
From t to the e-c-h-n-i-e-c (Techniec)
Free from all this nonsense, guilt, and shame
Can't trust no hoes
They the one's to blame
But what I did been through, seen, and touched
Got a mental insent
The hoes talk to much
And outta my mouth comes nothing but game
And outta yo mouth please keep my name
Cuz verbally u herd of the t-e-c
But why chase after he u cannot see
(Voice box)
Somebody, somewhere, best beware of my crew
(Bad Azz)
Recognize game when it's all in yo face off safety
Close range with a mask on when I'm not dead shoot
Out the window of a coup
Dump wit the vest I swoop
To the spot, to law low from the do-low
Put my gun away, cuz they got done away
By a rather pull a trigga type n****
See the stages off mic
And shootin gauges off bikes
It's like, livin and dyin
While laughin and cryin
In the same breath, U gain less
Messin in the lex
And I'm stressing for real
Unless U feel
That U strong enough, to go long enough
It ain't nothing but a thang
n**** can u hang ? I bang
Similar to a gang
Hit U up, and on the mic I ain't nothing nice
I leave U wit yo mental disturbed
Sellin cabbage, smoking chronic on the curb
Hoppin at my boys about them dallaz
And impalas wit the switches
Still lovin none of ya hoes
Trustin none of ya b******
Cuz the key is to see through the trickz in they set
Life is like c***s
I hit, n***** bet
(Voice box)
Somebody, somewhere, best beware of my crew(2x)
Now I gotta make my ends
The best way I can
Cuz my man's in the pen fo' ten
Told me to handle his biz
Told me to handle his kids
And stay away from his tricks
But the simp chose to take another route
A love and a cell
Ain't what the game is about
Traded in his Benz for a Chevy Suberb
Hit the throttle and I'll be ready to swerve
Herb, smoke out a n**** hizzy
Spare tire ya whole chizzy
Fo' us to get buzy
From city to city we mash
All he ever seen was the 95' tag pass
Cinema, the lil' cinnamon, pretty one
Known to get em up wit anyone
From sunup to sundown
Servin pound fo' pound
Smoking till the yay run down
(Lil' C-Style)
Ahh, it ain't to many crews that can do this s***
Rue b****** a**, promotin gangsta s***
Cuz see that's what people know all bout the compilation
And since the s*** droped
Everybody got conversation (odelay!)
Some people love us, some people won't
But do I give a f***? No I don't!
And when them Dogg Pound killaz step next to me
I try my very best to bury his a**
C-I-X feet deep!
Now that's Gangsta
So U can throw a lick
And make that grip
And continue to dip
See I trip
Cuz the click I got wit spit (Dogg Pound!)
Gangsta s*** and we commit (commit what?)
A revelation of performin confusion.........................

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