Flock of Dimes - Hard Way

Flock of Dimes - Hard Way

Flock of Dimes - Hard Way Song Info:

  • Album Name: Head of Roses
  • Artist: Flock of Dimes
  • Label: Sub Pop Records
  • duration:

'Hard Way' by Flock of Dimes from the album Head of Roses (Release Date: April 2, 2021 on @Sub Pop?)

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Directed by Lachlan Turczan

when i tried to love
it was just a song
something i could not say
couldn’t call it off
couldn’t make it last
so i took the hard way
something that you said
i could not forget
set it into motion
hiding as a glow
quiet and so slow
shattered my illusion
if i only knew
half as much as you
i would be amazing, hazy
if i stop to be
long enough to see
the life and death
of one day
heavy in my heart, honey in my head
when i took the hard way
if i lost your hand
i know i could stand
without your protection
just because i know
doesn’t mean i’ll go
it would be the hard way

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