dodie - Sorry Mp3 Download

dodie - Sorry Mp3 Download

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  • Album Name: Build A Problem
  • Artist: dodie
  • Label: doddleoddle
  • duration: 12:02 a.m.

dodie - Sorry Mp3 Download


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Build A Problem, the debut album. OUT NOW:

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Directed by
Jack Howard

Produced by
Sophie Newton
Jack Howard

Director of Photography
Ciaran O’Brien

Edited by
Jack Howard

Colour Grade
Ciaran O’Brien

Elliot Gough

It happened fast
like a fired gun
bleeding out
then it was done

There was the end
I couldn’t find, found too late.

Let me go back
show me the eyes
so I'd really know
just what it looks like

There was the end
I couldn’t find, found too late.

And oh, didn't want to believe such a monster in me
and I know, I've always known, in the end I'd be sorry
and that's all I am now, and it's all I can be
Is sorry


(C) 2020 doddleoddle, (P) 2021 doddleoddle

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