dodie - let go (demo) Mp3 Download

dodie - let go (demo) Mp3 Download

dodie - let go (demo) Song Info:

  • Album Name: Build A Problem
  • Artist: dodie
  • Label: doddleoddle
  • duration: 12:02 a.m.

dodie - let go (demo) Mp3 Download


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part of alosia! A Lot Of Songs In April! where i share half written songs of mine!

sat by the phone like a fool
i made a list of reasons why i shouldn’t love you
cause I wait and then
it’s dark again
so i care
and you don’t care
hey did you hear that
no he don’t care like you do

oh what a space in the bed
ignoring the danger just to feel you in my head
comfort and pain
no it’s not, quite the same
cause I care
and you don’t care
hey did you hear that
no he don’t care like you do

let go
everything’s telling you to let go
i think it’s time now to let go
remember your training and just let go

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