DJ Koze, Ada - Homesick - Mixed Mp3 Download

DJ Koze, Ada - Homesick - Mixed Mp3 Download

DJ Koze, Ada - Homesick - Mixed Song Info:

  • Album Name: DJ-Kicks: Jayda G
  • Artist: DJ Koze, Ada
  • Label: !K7 Records
  • duration: 12:04 a.m.

DJ Koze, Ada - Homesick - Mixed Mp3 Download


DJ Koze, Ada - Homesick - Mixed Music Video

DJ Koze, Ada - Homesick - Mixed 's youtube Description:

Release date: march 22, 2013 - available here:

Amygdala“ is Koze’s Sgt. Pepper. It’s an unreal 78-minute walk through Koze’s mind, complete with moods, intensities, sounds and scenes as yet unheard of. It feels more like a double album, urging you to turn over and change the records time and time again. "Amygdala" amazes by its sheer musicality, deepness, and its ethereal sound design; it’s a kaleidoscope of a great variety of soundscapes where you keep discovering new nuances even after listening to it a thousand times. Nobody else could unite artists like Caribou and Dirk von Lotzow, Hildegard Knef and Mathew Dear, Ada and Milosh in such an organic way and on one and the same record as Koze did. There’s never been anything like it.

He weaves new garments around the a capella parts of his guests, garments that only he can tailor, and that’s how the album, for all the diversity of its artists, sounds consistently homogeneous and in the true style of Kosi Kos. It’s all about “the courage to dare”, about letting voices resonate undisguised in all their authentic peculiarity. About creating truthfulness.

How much can you cut out, when does the flame die down? On the other hand, under which circumstances could it even burn for ever?

The album, which in large parts has been composed in a Spanish fishing village, starts off with Balinese gamelan sounds from which a relaxed discoid bass peels off, caressed by mystic backwards basslines, balafon resonances and slide guitar chords. You can hear the ceaseless chirping, twittering and cheeping from all the treetops of Koze's exotic jungle.

In the case of Homesick, a Kings Of Convenience track with a kind of Simon-&-Garfunkel charme to it, Ada’s voice and interpretation lend it the soul and depth of a Soul II Soul track. Slow and low - that's the tempo. The shit bounces dryly and with a tight bass line around Ada’s exceptional vocals until, quite unexpectedly, perhaps the most defensive percussion solo of all times sets in.

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