DE'WAYNE - Stains Mp3 Download

DE'WAYNE - Stains Mp3 Download

DE'WAYNE - Stains Song Info:

  • Album Name: STAINS
  • Artist: DE'WAYNE
  • Label: Hopeless Records
  • duration: 12:02 a.m.

DE'WAYNE - Stains Mp3 Download


DE'WAYNE - Stains Music Video

DE'WAYNE - Stains 's youtube Description:

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The official music video for DE'WAYNE's new single "Stains" off of the new album 'STAINS' out now on Hopeless Records!

Animation/Illustration/Design: Ainissa V
Prod. Co: BLK MTN


Labels wouldn’t call me back
I’m bout to make a milli stack
I feel like Em
On Aftermath
Dr. Dre on Aftermath
I’m Hopeless’ starting quarterback
About to get that chip
Need a Grammy for my granny
I’mma make her bust a split
Wide open, call me daddy

Let’s go
I know I heard what you said
What’s the code
Don’t slip and bust your head
Need mo
Drew said you no fear

Hell Yea
I know
Break the door
Break it down
To the floor

Hmmm welllll back in here again
Getting stoned with my friends
Who got the master plans
Boys come from no ends

Huh what you here to do
Hanging deep with the crew
Yeah I’m tryna have mama
Stack it up through the roof

I said “yeah, hello, it’s De’wayne,
Don’t wanna hurt nobody
But I really bring that pain uhhh
I’m just free styling
Off the top
I got that flame huh
I’m in North Hollywood
Tryna score like Dame

Tryna get into this industry
It wanna kill me yeah
Told me I didn’t fit
Into the boxes, ain’t that funny, yea
Not good enough for airplay
Cause the rules set before me, yea
I don’t know nobody
I just want the money

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