Culture Queen - I am the Future of Black History Mp3 Download

Culture Queen - I am the Future of Black History Mp3 Download

Culture Queen - I am the Future of Black History Song Info:

  • Album Name: All One Tribe
  • Artist: Culture Queen
  • Label: Aya World Productions/Whitestone Productions
  • duration: 12:02 a.m.

Culture Queen - I am the Future of Black History Mp3 Download


Culture Queen - I am the Future of Black History Music Video

Culture Queen - I am the Future of Black History 's youtube Description:

To learn more about Culture Queen, visit: | @Culture Queen

“I Am The Future of Black History” from the "I Like The Me I See!" family music album is a prophetic pledge for Black children. When they sing this affirming anthem, they commit themselves to take an active part in creating a better world for the generations to come. Culture Queen wrote this song with her Culture Kingdom Kids to encourage black and brown children to continue to celebrate our rich history and culture BEYOND the month of February; and to remind them that that they don’t have to wait until they become adults to use their royal powers (unique abilities) to make a positive impact on their peers, families, community, and the world. The lyrics say: “Tomorrow's legacy starts with me, I am the future of Black History!” to help children to understand that they are just as much a part of our rich legacy as the trailblazing ancestors who paved the way for them. Despite the racial injustices that continue to exist in our country, Culture Queen truly believes that our children are going to be more than okay because they will be the ones to lead the way!

To learn more about Culture Queen, visit: | @Culture Queen
#IAmTheFutureOfBlackHistory #CultureKingdomKids #BlackChildrenMatter #BlackLivesMatter

Lyrics by Jessica “Culture Queen” Smith Hebron
Composed by Clifton Brockington
Produced by Clifton Brockington and Nicholas Laget
Lead vocals by Jessica “Culture Queen” Smith Hebron, Araya Newlon and Tayandra Allen

Video Concept: Jessica “Culture Queen” Hebron @Culture Queen
Choreography: Prince Matthew Crittenden
Videography: Root Branch Media Group
Performers: Culture Queen & the Culture Kingdom Kids
Costumes: King Jeffrey Hebron of Hebron House, Queen Michele Brandon & Queen Gerald Sherrod
Location: Busboys and Poets Hyattsville

Culture Kingdom Kids Featured In the Video:
Princess Joy Brooks
Princess Diana Capers
Prince Isaac Capers
Prince Benjamin Judah Kwesi Crentsil
Prince Matthew Crittenden
Princess Taralyn Davis
Princess Rio Patricia Julio-Watson
Princess Jemma Rotan
Princess Ameenah Staggs
Princess Gena West
Princess Lillian West
Prince Keston Woodroffe
Marvelous Musicians:
Piano, Trumpet, Drum Programming: King Clifton Brockington
Flute and Orchestra Programming: King Nicolas Laget
Lead Guitar: King Richard Jackson
Bass: King David White

Culture Kingdom Kids:
Princess Tayandra Allen
Princess Taralyn Davis
Princess Jada Cherry
Princess Mia Cherry
Princess Kimberly Cherry
Princess Asani Ka-Re
Princess Arayah Newlon
Princess Sage McGhee
Princess Trinity Washington
Princess Julia Washington
Prince Daniel Washington

Culture Kingdom Parents:
King Clifton Brockington
King Carrington Smith
Queen Tamara Wellons
And Many More

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at The Sweet Spot Studio in Annandale, VA.
Special Thanks to King Jeffrey Hebron, Queen Attiyah Jenkins, King Daevon Gurley, and Queen Ursula Rotan, Queen Alicia Byrd, King Patrick Bonisteel, and Queen Ashley Bethel.

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