Crumb - Up & Down Mp3 Download

Crumb - Up & Down Mp3 Download

Crumb - Up & Down Song Info:

  • Album Name: Ice Melt
  • Artist: Crumb
  • Label: Crumb Records
  • duration: 12:03 a.m.

Crumb - Up & Down Mp3 Download


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Cold like the day
Feel your heart slip away
But it belongs to me
Only me, only me
Not even you (Girl)

We're not the same
I'm like air you're a flame
So why can't you just
Keep it together
Your mood like the weather

Called you today
Felt your face hit the table
I can hear your voice
As it changes
You dread these exchanges

You're up and down
You're checked out
Or out of town
It doesn't even matter
Don't know why
I give up and goodnight

Out in the garden
I see something dark and it's coming
Yea right for me

Are you her or are you a creature from a planet far
If you push me to the edge would I slip or would I fall
In the city or on a farm you won't find what you want
Please go back to where you're from and leave me by myself

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