Cola Boyy, Myd - Roses Mp3 Download

Cola Boyy, Myd - Roses Mp3 Download

Cola Boyy, Myd - Roses Song Info:

  • Album Name: Prosthetic Boombox
  • Artist: Cola Boyy, Myd
  • Label: Record Makers
  • duration: 12:03 a.m.

Cola Boyy, Myd - Roses Mp3 Download


Cola Boyy, Myd - Roses Music Video

Cola Boyy, Myd - Roses 's youtube Description:

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Roses ยท Cola Boyy

Prosthetic Boombox

? Record Makers LC-15765

Released on: 2021-06-18

Featured Artist: Myd
Producer: Myd
Guitar: Matthew Urango
Mastering Engineer: Nk.F
Mixing Engineer: Nk.F
Composer: Matthew Urango
Composer: Myd

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2021 Record Makers LC-15765, 2021 Record Makers LC-15765

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