chloe moriondo - I Eat Boys

chloe moriondo - I Eat Boys

chloe moriondo - I Eat Boys Song Info:

  • Album Name: I Eat Boys
  • Artist: chloe moriondo
  • Label: Public Consumption
  • duration:

I Eat Boys out now!! stream the song anywhere you stream music and pre-order my new album Blood Bunny available May 7:

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Business: Zack Zarrillo |

Artist: Chloe Moriondo
Label: Elektra Records
Elektra Commissioner: Mandee Mallonee
Elektra Marketing: Meghan Carey
Artist Management: Zack Zarrillo & Whitney Smith

Director: Sydney Ostrander
Producer: Aly Weatherford
Creative Support: Nico Poalillo
Production Coordinator: Mallory Maxton
Production Company – Eightfold Collective
EP – Nicholas Stachurski
Director of Photography: Jesse Barron
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Nigel Robbins
Steadicam: Mike Herrst
1st Assistant Camera: Tyler Hollman
2nd Assistant Camera: Jonathan Patterson
DIT: Addison Brown
Stills Photography: Zachariah Hagy
Gaffer: Dave Saint George
Key Grip: Trevor Stevens
Grips: Spencer Haydo, Blake Brown, Jason Howard
Production Designer: Christiana Beckley
Art Director: Vanessa Cronan
Art Assistants: Faylyn Johnson + Jena Blaylock
Precision Driver: Nolan Baltz
SFX MUA: Daniel Phillips
Wardrobe + Styling: Ryann Kearney
Production Assistants: Gage O’Barsky + Indira Edwards
Editor: Matthew Bouwense
Sound Design: Grant Floering
Colorist: Alexia Salingaros
Color House: Forager Collective
Digital Illustration: Ryann Kearney

Chloe Moriondo + Samantha Caballero
Victim 1: Christopher Heeder
Victim 2: Alek Kristopher
Victim 3: Alex Sepulveda

Special Thanks:
Assemble Sound
Advanced Multimedia
Stratton Camera
Brandi + Durfee Innovation Society
Shane + Phoenix State Wayne Theatre staff
Christopher + Be Well Medical Center
Chef Curtis Huffman + A Special Taste
Frank & Arnie
The Fontanesi Family
David Moriondo
Brooke Weatherford
Stephanie Joseph
Jojo Diaz
Amanda McCafferty
Ryann Weise
Jake Templin-Fulton
Emily Steffen

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A Public Consumption/ Fueled by Ramen release, © 2021 Elektra Records LLC, A Public Consumption/ Fueled by Ramen release, ? 2021 Elektra Records LLC

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  4. chloe moriondo - I Eat Boys