Beartooth - Devastation Mp3 Download

Beartooth - Devastation Mp3 Download

Beartooth - Devastation Song Info:

  • Album Name: Below
  • Artist: Beartooth
  • Label: Red Bull Records
  • duration: 12:03 a.m.

Beartooth - Devastation Mp3 Download


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Beartooth - Devastation 's youtube Description:

New album 'Below' out June 25th. Pre-order at

Official website:

[Verse 1]
Cathartic, lethargic, I'm sealed inside these walls
Ecstatic, emphatic, I've finally got it all
Feeding like a parasite, visions from the other side
Hoping for another try explaining why I die

There's something in the water, it washed away my pain
I lost all of my power, there's nothing left to gain
It's the energy, energy, fading away from me
Energy, energy, fading away from me

[Verse 2]
Belittled, entangled, ther?'s nothing I can do
Berated, outdated, I'll n?ver be renewed
Overrated, out of time, never gaining peace of mind
Caught without an alibi, explaining why I die

Drop that shit
I'll end the same, let time explain
I'm such a waste, you will feel my pain
Devastation will reign

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