Allison Russell - Little Rebirth Mp3 Download

Allison Russell - Little Rebirth Mp3 Download

Allison Russell - Little Rebirth Song Info:

  • Album Name: Outside Child
  • Artist: Allison Russell
  • Label: Fantasy
  • duration: 12:04 a.m.

Allison Russell - Little Rebirth Mp3 Download


Allison Russell - Little Rebirth Music Video

Allison Russell - Little Rebirth 's youtube Description:

"Little Rebirth" is from Allison Russell's first ever solo project, Outside Child (produced by Dan Knobler). Stream/buy here:

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"Little Rebirth" is written by Allison Russell.

After all we’re here but a moment... We’re so tiny, we know so little...For Conni -in Memoriam. - A

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Chimes in the morning
Feet to the Earth
Wild birds calling
A little Rebirth

Cold pavement pressed
Against a barefoot
Can you feel the Mother moving
Through the bonds of our works?

Who have you been
Who will you be
Who are you now
What can you hear, what can you see?

What can you do
What can be done
Who can ever know
The mystery within?

Le dernier sera premier
Une belle journee
Tournesol tourne au soleil
Chanter! Chanter!
Translation (The last shall be first, some beautiful day, sunflower turn to the sun Sing! Sing!)

Dust of the Stars
Bones of the Earth
Breath of the Void
A little Rebirth

Chimes in the morning
Feet to the Earth
We’re all transforming
A little Rebirth

AllisonRussell? #LittleRebirth #OutsideChild?

Lyric Video artwork by Niki Smith Frazier; edited by Frankie Cepero; graphics by Andy Hawkes


The Community of Artists in alphabetical order:
Jason Burger- drums, percussion, apple cider vinegar bottle
Steve Dawson- pedal steel
Jamie Dick- drums, percussion
Dan Knobler- guitars, slide guitar, banjo, synths, mellotron
Drew Lindsay- Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Mellotron, pump organ, organ, piano
Alfreda McCrary- harmony vocals
Ann McCrary- harmony vocals
Deborah McCrary- harmony vocals
Regina McCrary- harmony vocals
Chris Merrill- bass
Ruth Moody- harmony vocals
JT Nero- acoustic guitar, vocals, co-writing
Joe Pisapia- acoustic and electric guitars
Erin Rae- harmony vocals
Allison Russell- songwriting, writing, lead vocals, harmony vocals on Montreal and Nightflyer, clarinet, banjo
Jake Sherman- organ on 4th Day Prayer
Yola (appears courtesy of Easy Eye Sound)- harmony vocals on The Runner

Produced by Dan Knobler
Engineered by Kevin Sokolnicki & Dan Knobler
Recorded at Sound Emporium, Studio A, in Nashville - September 18-21, 2019
Assistant engineer: Zaq Reynolds
Additional recording at Goosehead Palace
Organ on ""4th Day Prayer"" recorded by Jon Seale at Mason Jar Music
Mixed by Dan Knobler
Mastered by Kim Rosen, Knack Mastering

Outside Child, an album by Allison Russell
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2. Nightflyer
3. Persephone
4. 4th Day Prayer
5. The Runner
6. Hy-Brasil
7. The Hunters
8. All of the Women
9. Poison Arrow
10. Little Rebirth
11. Joyful Motherfuckers


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